OnPoint Health & Wellness, LLC Meditaion

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Meditation Therapy BrainTap

Meditation Therapy BrainTap-

20-35 minutes
One clinical session is a 5 course care plan
1st/5 $75.00
2nd/5 $55
{age 6–up)

Duration: 1 hour

Millimeter Wave Therapy

Millimeter Wave Therapy-

15-30 minutes
This is a 2-fold care plan.
1st/2 $75
2nd/2 $55
{all ages}

Duration: 1 hour

Denas Vertebra Therapy

Denas Vertebra Therapy-

30-40 minutes
This is a 2-fold care plan, sessions in the same week to start correcting your central nervous system.
1st/2 $75
2nd/2 $55
{age 14-65}

Duration: 1 hour

Healing Frequency Therapy

Healing Frequency Therapy-

Times Varying from 45mins to 3hrs
This is a 2-fold care plan, applied twice a week. This can be up to a 3 hour session. There are movies and books available, or take a long nap.
1st/2 $75
2nd/2 $55
{ages 5-up}

Duration: 1 hour